About Us

Registered 501 c3 non-profit organization
foster based rescue
Located In Palm Beach County, FL

our Goals

Here at Mutty Paws Rescue, we are dedicated to saving, rehabilitating, and providing medical for animals on death row in Palm Beach County, and surrounding areas. As well as stressing the importance of spaying, and neutering animals in order to reduce the over population of shelter animals. We are a foster based rescue who depends on you all to help us with our mission on saving as many animals as possible. 

Our core values

adopt, don't shop

Adopting reduces the amount of euthanized animals in shelters. Adopting saves lives. Always choice adopting over shopping.

spay & neuter

Spay and neutering will prolong your animals life, by reducing the risk of health problems. As well as reducing unwanted litters.

be the voice

We at Mutty Paws Rescue are the voice for all the voiceless animals in need of our rescuing. We strongly stand against animal abuse, and will do anything in our power to be the voice for all. 

train & rehabilitate

We believe every animal deserves a second chance. We are dedicated to fully training & rehabilitating all of our rescue animals before finding them their forever homes. 

meet our amazing team

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We can't do this without your support.

With your help, we can make a difference.