Donation in Memory of

Leaving a gift in memory of a loved one or pet is a special way to remember and celebrate their life. Your gift will go straight to helping dogs in need and supporting our mission. It can be comforting to know that each donation given in their memory helps to ensure that every dog who finds themselves at Mutty Paws Rescue gets the love and care they deserve.
Willie was a huge dog lover of his beloved pup Mello and countless foster dogs from our organization. He never turned away from any dog in need, whether it was a stray or a dog that no one else would handle. He opened his home and heart to some of our most difficult pups until they found their forever homes. He will always be in our Mutty Paws Rescue family and in our hearts forever. Willie’s family donated to our rescue in honor of his beautiful life, and we were able to save many urgent dogs. Notably – Willy, our American bulldog/Pitbull mix was rescued and received emergency surgery to repair a fractured leg after finding himself at Palm Beach County ACC.